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Agile Development 


gile development values each user and their interactions with your product over 

processes and tools making it one of the most crucial elements of UX. Building software is not a piece of cake! It takes ages to come up with a fully functioning prototype that solves a problem in the market and is practical to use. There are several methodologies developed to ensure that the process to build a perfect app or a great software product is completely streamlined and effective. To all my UX designers and peers in the industry, agile software development is one of the most efficient frameworks in use right now. 

Let us walk you through 4 Agile principals

1. Analysis of concepts

Every software product needs to have a proper, detailed plan in place to determine the course of the path in future.

At Dezy It, we make a list of all the features that we have to include in the final product. Then it's time to break down each feature and plan every detail thoroughly. Our design team brainstorms ideas for the low-fidelity designs while our development team creates a roadmap to estimate how long each feature will take to build. We spend a good amount of time doing our research and getting our goals aligned and it has sky-rocketed our productivity in every client project. 

3. Planning of agile sprints

Creation and implementation of ideas: When you have done the research and have a clear understanding of your user expectations, it's easier to map out your plan to build the product. You can command your team much more effectively if you are clear on which ideas you have to focus on at the given moment. 

5. Review & Monitor the results

 Review and monitor the results: Working without analysing the previous results is like shooting your shot in a pitch-black room. It's a complete waste of time, money and effort. It's rudimentary to monitor the results of every step in the agile development process to ensure you get the maximum optimisation of your strategies. Define the key metrics for success for your company or client and ensure that you are keeping a detailed report of all the analytics. The agile development process helps you to inculcate design thinking into the core values of your product.

2. Planning of agile sprints

It's time to face the music! Sprint planning is typically divided into two parts: Scope and Plan. In the scope of sprint planning, you determine the goal of your sprint, the number of product backlog items you want to focus on and the realistic capacity of your team based on everyone's availability. The plan of your sprint is structured based on the tasks allotted to each team for the product backlog items. Planning your agile sprints is a crucial part of your agile development process as it's helpful to build a shared understanding with your colleagues on which action items to focus on next. 

4. Collaborative Design & Development

A collaborative approach in the design and development process allows you to gain multiple, varied inputs from numerous team members instead of one team working towards the solution in isolation. With several points of view to address, you gain fruitful feedback based on your customer expectations. To incorporate a collaborative approach in our design and development teams, Dezy It has implemented whiteboard sessions, informal gaming activities, cross-team daily scrums, objective meetings, etc. 

Image by DocuSign

At Dezy It, we always try to follow these five steps and make the best of our product development process. Feel free to share your agile methodology with us!

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What Our Clients Say

"It has been an honor and privilege to work with Dezy It. Indranil has been an incredible partner - working with us, offering us fresh insights while accommodating our unique needs with exceptional customer care. Dezy It’s design team’s proactive approach has significantly elevated our engagement and presence within the traditional online and social media environments impacting the community we serve. We cherish our collaboration with Dezy It and look forward to the continued partnership.”

- Terry Sievert, President  Stay in the Fight Veterans Foundation

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