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Design Sprints for
No-Code Automation


he Future of coding is no-coding at all" as said by the CEO at GitHub, Chris Wanstrath 

Coding and Programming can be intimidating and confusing. Learning to code is not a piece of cake because of the disruptions and distractions in the web development space. Due to this, it used to be difficult to undertake any project requiring a proper understanding of the syntax, functions and usability of coding. But, no more! The evolution in technology has given us the gift of staggering no-code tools and easy-to-implement Design Sprints that help you build web pages, mobile apps, and internal applications.

Why do we need no-code automation?

Most employees in the team aren’t developers who can dedicate their time to working with APIs. It's the need of the hour to reduce the dependability of the team on your developers and find a non-technical way to develop custom workflows. This is where no-code automation comes to save the day! 

No-code platforms allow you to run Design Sprints and build a functioning testable prototype in a matter of weeks. No-code tools can also connect payment systems, email senders, APIs, CRMs, and spreadsheets without writing a lot of code. This means you can validate all your assumptions with real users — right now! No-code tools help you sprint faster towards user feedback.

For example, you can effortlessly turn a Google document into a landing page without much technical experience or the need to write complex code.

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Top UI/UX trend of 2023

If there are any UI/UX trends you need to watch out for in 2023 is the no-code space! With Metaverse platforms and Generative AI, you can build customer-centric products quickly with minimal coding knowledge. Design Sprints allow you to make optimal use of data and build testable functioning prototypes in the fast-changing business environment. It lets you put your hard work and efforts in the right direction without wasting your time and money. 


What are design sprints?

Design Sprints is a five-day process developed at Google Ventures that enables you to move from a problem to a testable prototype. The prototype is tested on real users within the timeframe decided for the Design Sprints. Design Sprints has revolutionised the way we ideate and brainstorm for problem statements. We, at Dezy It, follow a structured Design Sprint process to train your design team, thus enabling them to burst through barriers of inactivity. 

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What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

"It has been an honor and privilege to work with Dezy It. Indranil has been an incredible partner - working with us, offering us fresh insights while accommodating our unique needs with exceptional customer care. Dezy It’s design team’s proactive approach has significantly elevated our engagement and presence within the traditional online and social media environments impacting the community we serve. We cherish our collaboration with Dezy It and look forward to the continued partnership.”

- Terry Sievert, President  Stay in the Fight Veterans Foundation

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