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Communication- The Key To Successful UX/UI Offshore Outsourcing Services


Suppose you work at a fast-food restaurant and a customer asks you to make a burger but doesn’t tell you what patty, kind of cheese, or bread you want. This is exactly what goes around regularly in the UX/UI design services realm.

The situation becomes more challenging when the client and the team are in two different countries, working under two entirely different work ethics, conversing in two different languages, and holding distinct mindsets. Design offshore outsourcing can set up quite a list of tasks if not carried out systematically. Yet start-ups that do not come with bundles and sacks of both funds and expert individuals go for UX design offshore outsourcing for obvious reasons.

Clients seeking extravagant UX/UI services from offshore companies to outsource, often provide little or no instruction to the team and yet expect a result that fulfills all their expectations. In such a situation, effective communication comes to the rescue.

Let’s take you through some ways how communication can foster better results in design offshore outsourcing:

1. Clarity in communication

When it comes to long-distance or cross-cultural communication, communication that is clear and has a level of detail is the key. While working remotely there is an absence of in-person meetings and it, therefore, becomes difficult to read a person’s body language. It is thus better to communicate information with transparency and no hidden grudges to ensure that all parties are on the same page. In offshore outsourcing where the two parties do not have common lingual grounds, it has to be ensured that an eligible and effective translator is hired to help communicate better.

2. Schedule frequent video calls

Texting is unreliable in offshore outsourcing communication since there is less professionality and the work in progress cannot be showcased appropriately. Another reason is that it is important to give a face to a name who will be working on the project, leading to better satisfaction and relief for the client. Video calls help build trust and improve the effectiveness of communication in totality.

3. Find common time zones

One needs to find common ground to ensure better communication between the team members and the clients. One of the most needed grounds is the common working time zone. It should be ensured that notes of the common time zones are taken so that meetings can be set up at those times and worked out in a collective as well as fruitful manner. Even if it is only a few hours per week, it is essential to create this window where everyone is logged on at once. This can even become a platform for the members to share their prog

4. Be prepared for plan B

To make sure that there isn't any downtime for the team, it is always good to prepare a Plan B.

  • Stack up your project management queue

  • Assign tasks to the members days in advance.

  • Ensure that the task deadline does not get delayed if the members are in different time zones or not working concurrently.

5. Align the offshore team to the companies’ vision, mission & goals.

It is essential to introduce your offshore team to the company's vision, mission, and goal since this enables everyone to work towards a central goal from the very start irrespective of their time, location, and other differences. This also ensures better communication and helps members in keeping in touch with one another.

6. Keep the offshore team organized

When working across offshore outsourcing teams, it is essential to remain organized. This includes documenting and making notes of meetings to jot down tasks that are to be completed in the short run deadlines and to who is the task assigned etc. This helps in clearly instructing and managing employees across nations who are distributed and leaves less room for any confusion.

7. Be inclusive

To form more cohesive teams, it should be ensured that all the employees feel included in all the necessary structures, tasks, and decisions. This helps in keeping the team members in a loop even if they ain't physically present.

Sharing meeting updates, notes from management, newsletters, company updates, etc makes the offshore outsourcing team feel valued. This will lead to better communication and benefits while working on stuff together. To make the team collaborate well, planning thoughtful communication is of utmost importance.


In cross-country, cross-cultural, cross-lingual, and other cross-characteristic workspaces, communication is not just the key but the base stone. If not for communication, all the assigned projects might destroy one another like a hurricane.

Don't worry, we got you! Dezy It is a UX/UI software products and services firm that worships communication.

We at Dezy It stay in close contact with all our clients, updates them on all the tasks, plans out design sprints, prototype them, and ask for the client’s decision before making the littlest of changes in the application.

If you are looking for a communication-friendly company, Dezy It is the one for you!


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