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Design Sprints in Healthcare

Design Sprints and Healthcare, two surely seem to be coming from industries that are poles apart. But what if we told you, Design Sprints paved the way for effective healthcare? What if we advocate that Design Sprints actually empower Healthcare?

You have previously read about how a majority of branding today can be carried out through Design Sprints here. In a similar manner, Design Sprints unexpectedly cement the base-stone of Healthcare, making it cost, time, and labor effective.

Do not believe us? Allow us to convince you as you read this article:

Why does Healthcare need Design Sprints?

The healthcare sector indeed has a lot to deal with. In this particular industry, there is not just the modification of what was produced previously i.e. not just customizing it or engaging more.

In a specific healthcare application, there are complex and time-taking systems that also result in severe complications if not done right. There are different people, with different problems, needs, usage, and vitals.

Bringing up a traditional design process takes a long time and what comes along with it is the doubt of if the solution would work or not. By the time the design gets implemented, it will be months (maybe even years). Supposing that the result does not come out as favorable, the work, time, and money are gone in vain. So, all that for nothing.

Many times, during this age-taking process, the members of the team are bound to lose focus as well as hope in the project. This leads to the project losing momentum. The atmosphere then becomes foggy with unclear observations and skeptical opinions.

A design sprint alone isn't magical enough to make the project a successful one but it does make the path toward the achievement of success visible, less complicated, and feasible.

How can a Design Sprint empower your Healthcare application?

1. Designs sprints have it in them to accelerate your applications. And even when the vehicle slows down in the middle of a journey, it can again cover up with a new design sprint in the middle of following another one. A design sprint can illustrate new solutions and get people intrigued in the middle of the process all over again. This turns out to be a great way of assessing and analyzing where in the process, you stand.

2. This also means that the design sprints can be followed while following a traditional method of co-working but in a specified and pre-scheduled manner.

3. The reason why a design sprint is so efficient is that it involves everyone who is a part of it working towards finding the solution to one crucial problem at a time followed by tasks that are of significance next. This way, everyone in the room works to achieve one goal and also enlightens a wit of unity in the individuals.

Legacy Applications; The fountainheads of Healthcare

In an industry like that of healthcare where legacy applications are found in every nook and corner of the mind, Design Sprints are just the answer to all your goal-orientedness-related questions. For an application that has iterations tacked onto them, a design sprints momentum is just what it needs to reach heights.

Design sprints in circumstances like these are those quick dives taken to waves to test swimming patterns. In a way, sprints of design give you a chance to evaluate the feasibility of the concerned application or product without investing months of time, money, and resources.

Not sure who to choose for your Healthcare application?

Go for the experienced-

We at Dezy It, have already been working in accordance with the healthcare sector. HealthUno is one of the oldest clients Dezy It has worked with and for. It is a Chennai-based healthcare platform that provides a cluster of specialized medical health experts to the masses in India.

Dezy It worked with HealthUno in giving life to their new online platform that provides affordable and effective online healthcare at the ease of sitting at your home. HealthUno with the help of our services was able to deliver dedicated healthcare by helping professionals get in touch with the patients, expand its online reach and enrich their practice.


With a plan laid out in the form of a design sprint, it takes a handful of days to be able to evaluate if your idea will work or not. To know if you're pacing in the right direction, Dezy It has got just the answer for you.

Is your solution feasible?

Do your ideas carry weight?

Is your UX/UI game on point?

Are you working in the right direction?

Are there any loopholes in your plan layouts?

Will your application be needed in the long run?

Infinitely many questions; just one solution.

Click here to get in touch with us and let's talk about how we can help you.


Design Sprints as a Service

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