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How AI-driven design is reshaping UX/UI

Artificial Intelligence is whatever has not been done yet.

And now, AI is the new UI.

From search engines to autopilots in airplanes - AI occupies our surroundings in the most unexpected ways possible. AI products have started to enter our era quicker than we could imagine.

We at Dezy It help you get a CHATBOT every other multifunction and distinct sector-based website today contains to make the customer experience smoother.

When AI started becoming a major part of the human race. UI/UX design did not take time to follow. As soon as AI made its way into this industry, it gave birth to the concept of Artificial Intelligence Design.

The relationship balances AI’s ability to help AI UX designers complete their jobs faster and with a better outcome. As a result, it has become a significant tool to help UX designers in distinct ways without acquiring any significant risks.

1. Gathering Data

Data which is gathered from past user activity and interactions are like a gold mine for AI UX designers during the development process. AI in digital marketing especially relies on a similar phenomenon. The data helps them in inspecting patterns and predict user behavior, which helps them streamline the software as per the user's needs.

AI can help UX designers in the collection of data from usability tests and tracking experiments and then analyze the data for the detection of patterns. The task which seems like a simple one gives them a better knowledge base to work with and helps them improvise their products.

2. Automation

Thanks to the process of automation, the hours that are needed to complete simple and repetitive tasks manually are now decreasing. AI plays a big part in this evolution with its ability to do tasks easily with little or no human input now. The modular design seems to make automation even more straightforward.

AI can also find images relevant to a company's website faster and give varying options to UX designers so they don't have to hassle between choosing from thousands of pictures—if we speak of options. UX/UI Designers at Dezy It often take the AI route to acquire visual content aligning with the idea or theme.

3. Providing Options

Even if AI is unable to create perfect design solutions tailored to the customer’s needs, it still serves very efficiently in providing options.

AI design helps UX designers not by making design decisions for them but by providing them with useful options and creating mockups of what their desired UI design has to look like. The mockup can then be adjusted and tweaked up by a UX design tool for a more detailed aspect of the design.

UX designers obviously make the final call on how the end product has to look and function. By allowing designers to work quickly on an automatically generated prototype, however, AI saves time for UX designers.

Is Artificial Intelligence A Friend Or A Foe To Designers?

Dezy It believes, a machine cannot become self-aware or realize that humans can stand in its way. This is a popular assumption in people often portrayed in movies like Skynet in the movie called Terminator. However, it is possible that many AIs may steal UI/UX design jobs in the future. There are two sides to the coin when discussing why AI is a friend or foe for designers.

1. AI is a Friend: It’s the beginning of a new era

AI systems create a deeper and stronger connection between brands and their audiences, enhancing their relationship. Artificial intelligence can help us collect and analyze. A vast amount of data to design products able to satisfy human needs and wants.

Artificial intelligence seems to be changing the way consumers and companies look at and think about user experiences. AI offers more innovative insights, intimate engagement, specific contexts, faster processing, and intuitive interfaces. AI personalizes user interfaces in a way that they can be targeted at an individual user's preferences, challenge more conventional interactions, and add new channels such as a voice feature.

2. AI is a Foe: The end is near

Robots will be stealing a portion of jobs currently occupied by humans. How can artificial intelligence affect design and app development careers in particular in the long run?

Robots are not replacing designers and mobile app developers, at least not in the near future. I don't think one can convince 7 billion humans to trust a decision made by an algorithm? Well, we don’t. Humans have been born with a unique ability which sets the context for our design and creates empathy for other users.

Mobile app designers at design agencies like Dezy It don’t decide whether an app’s menu should be exposed or hidden under a hamburger icon simply based on the number of items it contains. Web designers don’t happen to decide whether they’d create a 2 or 3-column grid for a website solely due to the size and the number of displayed images.

And, surely, most graphic designers don’t decide on the font color based on a “color psychology bible”.

AI May Help Deliver The UX We’ve Been Waiting For:

At its core, AI-driven design is a new level of relationship between AI and the customer experience. Machine learning-based user experiences act as a playground for UX designers. They are a challenging combination of technology and people that promises to move UX design to a new level of seamless digital experience. We at Dezy It understand how important it is to achieve customer loyalty and turn them into a recurring one for you.

Imagine AI behind the scenes of UX design. It has the ability to help enhance the user experience by providing and delivering automatic and intuitive responses to the user needs and requests. It has the ability to establish numerous design variations to respond to the users in a short period of time. Utilizing the information derived for revising user behaviors, AI-based algorithms can easily simplify the processes of improvised user experience.

The benefits of AI go even deeper. If we use AI while working in UX design more often, it is said to free up more “headspace” and prevent the user from being overwhelmed with voice commands, gestures, or buttons.

According to the results of a recent survey conducted by Adobe, 62% of designers are interested in artificial intelligence and the benefits it can add to the creative process. AI alongwith machine learning promises to make a “democratizing effect on the creativity” through applications and products.

AI As The New UI:

How does machine learning help create a more innovative design?

UI design is still paving its way towards a world where AI and the future of design are much better interlinked than they are right now.

The designer and developer communities have started taking AI user experience together in their journey to creating unique mobile applications. So, AI has become one of the basic designs and mobile app development trends. Dezy It has been implementing AI and UI-aligned and oriented designs for a long now.

Designers have started making designs that are localized with the help of AI-based translation and transcreation. Artificial intelligence helps also get insights into which elements users interact with, and which need attention.

Now, the work of image resizing and color adjustment can be done by robots, which increases the designers’ productivity by a major margin.

One of the perfect designs of AI-driven UI is a technology presented by Airbnb. It can identify the design sketches and then convert them into coding in real time. This way, AI leaves the designers with more time to taking strategic decisions for the product, and this is a change that computers will take at least one decade to learn.

End Note

AI helps us automate repetitive and recurring tasks and free up our time to direct focus on the more strategic parts of the design. Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence and machine learning can help us design experiences that are more user-personalized, user-relevant, user-smart, user-oriented, and user-efficient for people.

Dezy It helps you ace this coming together of two things that lay the foundation of every business or startup today.

We are a UX/UI design agency and our expertise lies in assessing the working of your website, platform, or application and filling in cracks or bumps that might be hindering the provision of a remarkable and smooth customer experience for your online user traffic.

Dezy It helps you map out your way out of the maze. The experienced designers at Dezy It help you improve your user satisfaction and customer experience, which leads to better conversion and retention rates. This way, you can get increased ROIs.

We at Dezy It foster strong and systematic teams for you so that you can be provided with the most spectacular UXUI design.


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