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How does the UX Design of a website increase its website sessions?

The UX Design of a website fosters the generation of organic traffic and boosts the website sessions leading to better conversion rates. And it isn't unknown what crucial role, conversion rate plays in the growth of a site.

What emerges in a website owner’s or developer’s mind is,

  • How does UX help increase website sessions?

  • What exactly is so appealing about this design to the visitors of a site that they choose to spend more time on the website?

  • Why are reputed website design companies using UX design in their website?

  • Why are these business giants choosing to outsource UX services?

If your mind too, seemed to be lingering around the crux of one of the listed questions, this blog is for you.

What do we know about UX design?

UX is short for user experience. Everything a website’s visitor experiences while browsing and exploring through and while getting landed on different pages of it comes under UX. The aim of a UX design is solely to serve a better user experience to the visitor in the time he/she spends on the site. The UX design of a website has to be strategized in a way that can grab the customer’s attention and ensure that the customer adds to the conversion rate.

How does UX Design boost website sessions?

Still sceptical about listing UX Design in your top priorities list?

Allow us to convince you:

1. Visual Content:

People nowadays do not go for only-words sites since it does not look attractive. Such sites even portray a casual outlook of the business or the owner, saying that they are not serious and not putting too much effort on their end.

Visual content seems to ornament a website in a subtle yet effective way. It should form a key element in a website’s UX Design. An ideal attention-grabbing website is one in which the visual and the written content create a balance and rhythm.

The attention span of an average visitor or a reader decreases every year leaving it all on the UX Designers to make the information as interactive as possible. While readable content is important. Visual content is more since it requires less effort and time.

Videos and audios help people absorb all that you or your company has to offer in a lesser time. This can only happen if your UX designer has the mind to crisp it all and sum it up into one fun-to-watch visual. For example, MURAL, a platform that aims to provide a digital whiteboard collaboration feature and is designed to inspire innovation, has an extraordinary visual appeal.

2. Smooth Navigation:

An ideal UX Design does not just revolve around providing interesting content but enables a visitor to travel and explore through different tabs and sections of a website with ease. A site with difficult UX tends to have a higher bounce rate since people leave it quickly and look for the next best option.

The users coming to visit your webpage look for websites that allow them to move back and forth to get the information they are looking for. This also contributes towards better website sessions and amplifies conversion rates. This is why giants in the business field are looking for outsourcing the UX Designs on their websites.

3. Better Page Speed:

The speed at which the website loads, and the time taken by it to load, both these characteristics are of utmost importance for the owner or the company. People looking for something on the search engine do not have the patience to wait for a long time and already have so many other options in numbers and varieties laid out on a table for them.

If your website is slow. Visitors would simply go for the next search result. Therefore, a better page speed is very significant for the facilitation of a boost in website sessions and conversion rates.

4. Easy Call to Action Placement:

The secondary reasons why you need a better UX Design to increase website sessions and conversion rates include easy Call to Action placements and the redirects of it. A clearly visible button providing access to your services after you present engaging content is likely to improve the rank of your website.

Additionally, the CTA should have a clickable nature and the redirection of it should also be smooth. This will lead to an impressive experience for a visitor. If not, however, poor CTA buttons and redirects hamper the very meaning behind the establishment of a website i.e., “guiding visitors to your OUR SERVICES’ page.

5. Including AI Chatbots:

Not everyone wishes to speak with a human agent. AI interactions excite people even if it is just for fun. All your website requires is reliable. AI chatbot service can actually turn out to be a tool for them to be happy.

It’s also a task to find AI-powered messenger chatbot that can connect them to human agents whenever necessary.

Bottom line, it is imperative to provide the most memorable and extraordinary UX to the people visiting your page in order to ensure better web sessions and boosted conversion rates. Other things in UX that determine increased web sessions include the website’s speed and quality content. CTA button and redirects, quality visuals, and a basic theme and rhythm followed by the website.

Who can help you?

It is not easy to trust any service provider or firm for such an important constituent and determiner of the success of your website.

Dezy It however provides excellent UX designs and even assesses the implementation of it on websites, applications, and even platforms through Design Sprints (a five-day procedure that aims to help teams in defining goals and work for the successful implementation of them through systematically laid down roadmaps).

You can outsource your UX Design for your website from Dezy It which provides amazing UX services and results. You can then sit back and watch your website getting better website sessions, conversion rates, and ranking higher with time. To understand why outsourcing is better than hiring a full-time employee, check out our other blogs.

Based in India (now an emerging outsourcing hub for global giants), Dezy It has already worked with several clients and provided them with smoother and better UX designs. To read more about our services and the previous clients we have worked with, click here.

Like many companies overseas, Dezy It can help you better the website sessions and conversion rates of your website.

You can get in touch with us here!


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