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How our client made it to the Shark Tank India Season 2

It is our great pleasure to share that Dezy It built the application for a small start-up that recently garnered attention from one of the most prominent TV shows in India.

Sepal managed to raise INR 50 Lakhs for the equity of 2% from Shark Tank India season 2 as Shark Peyush invested in it.

However, Vidhe’s life story seems to have made quite an impact on Peyush Bansal who offered him the deal.

In this blog, we are going to talk about how Dezy It contributed to this milestone in the way of Sepal as a startup.

About The Startup “Sepal”

Our clients Vidhey Addepally and Kashyap Addepally are the founders of this startup. Sepal Auto is a two-wheeler accessory brand that saves resources to give the rider complete control of the surf. They provide a Shield for the Wheeled. These products are purely Made in India.

Sepal is actually a roof that can be attached to a motorcycle, and it completely takes it upon itself to protect the rider from the harsh atrocities put forth by the climate. Additionally, it integrates with electronic devices, handle buttons, and a mobile application to give the riders the comfort of a car.

Other services like navigation, call alerts, and music has already been added to the Sepal Auto two-wheeler accessories.

The Problem That Sepal Aims To Solving

Sepal is the first motorcycle umbrella on the globe that aims at protecting bikers and the person sitting behind from intense external factors such as sunlight, rain, dust, mud, pollution, etc.

Integrating the roof with the bike transforms it into a smart one, which afterwards allows one to enjoy smooth navigation and music on the two-wheeler and ornaments features like call answering which doesn't vanish on the speedy mode or bumpy roads.

The not-so-old business started by two brothers is being used by people in 25 states and sent to countries like the UK, the US, the Middle East, and South Africa.

In the future, the company wishes to maximize manufacturing and launch its scooter version as well. Through the product, it aims at enhancing the biking experience.

Experience complete protection and ultimate comfort!

Sepal is a Consumer Electronics organization aiming to lead an integral sect of the two-wheeler industry to make the life of a daily commuter safer, more comfortable, and enjoyable.

We, at Dezyit, engaged directly with Vidhey Addepally (CEO) and Kashyap Addepally (CTO) to transform their vision into an all-compatible Mobile Application.

Read on as we fill you in with the exhilarating detailed journey of our work with Sepal!


Listed below are problems faced by 2-Wheelers in India, published by reputed media sources:

The Economic Times shared a recent study finds that states that 80 percent of two-wheeler owners use the vehicle for commuting regularly, which averages about 40 kilometers each day. Given the recorded high usage, More than half of their time gets wasted waiting in the traffic and exposing themselves to harmful climatic conditions.

DNA India revealed that in the upcoming years, Customers would seek out other innovative options, giving them an edge over technological and environmental considerations. Manufacturers shall need to come up with new rules, goals, and grounds in various areas to meet-up these ever-so-demanding expectations of today.


During the premier stages of research and regular interactions with the stakeholders and users regarding Sepal, the thickly outlined areas that our team at Dezy It focussed and ideated upon to deliver a hassle and hand-free user-oriented user experience are as follows:


The main objective and initial goal were to provide a smooth and seamless UX, whilst establishing an unbreakable bonding connection between the hardware (Joystick + Buttons) and the Application. Challenging as it was, it was also a thrill to work on.


There needed to be two distinct Dashboards for when the Bike was in motion and when the bike will be coming to a halt or getting disconnected.


Designing a notification center that can unify all sorts of notifications pushed within the Application.


Dezy It worked towards making a better-personalized UI for the rider, through which their entire focus is centered on the road leaving them not even closely prone to the risk of any possible mishaps.

1. Integration

The Sepal Application is aimed at getting activated as soon as it's connected to the bike’s hardware through an OTG Cable. The application would be fully operated with the joystick and button controls present on the bike.

The device (mobile) is connected to the vehicle’s hardware through an OTG Cable. Users could access all the functions and features present in the Application via a 4-way Joystick embedded in the bike handlebars.

2. Controls

The application had to support a unique but unified set of joystick commands which triggered certain functions based on the joystick switch or change input by the user. This, in turn, reduced the hassle of physically stopping and touching the mobile screen while a rider drove which would help the users in a safer commute.

3. Switching & Selection

The 4-way movable joystick controls had to give the users the flexibility of exploring the application while riding and switching between tabs or screens on the go.

The A + B Buttons helped users in the selection options and going home.

4. Dashboard

In the motion dashboard, the features had to be more real-time like the clock, weather, user ride-time, speedometer, etc. This mode was also equipped with a dynamic speedometer which changed colors accordion to the speed at which the rider was driving in.

5. Notifications

We worked on defining a fixed area for notifications. The position of the notification bar remains static throughout the application. This way, the user won't miss any updates on the go & have the ability to swap between notifications.

6. Navigations

The integrated built-in map played a vital role in the seamless shift or switch from 2D to 3D or vice versa. For a clutter-free and visually satisfying experience, our team decided to and pushed the direction alerts to the notification bar for every upcoming turn to improve customer experience.

7. Widgets

The widget screen our team worked on had to provide a glance into each and everything the application offered. This screen would help the users get a better view of the number and variety of functions the Sepal Application supports.

8. Calling

One of the key features the Sepal team wanted to integrate was the calling one since equipping it with a call convenience was basic. Dezy It worked in accordance with Sepal to allow the user to access all their contacts from their device so that they can easily make calls on the go. Additionally, The call feature had to be connected to the joystick too so that one could practice calling or receiving a call while riding the bike.

9. Music

The provision of music had been one of the prerequisites in the project. We at Dezy It successfully overcame the challenge of looping the music platforms to the joystick. We ornamented the tab with platforms prominent in music. This gave the users of Sepal, various music player options and the ability to access all of them with the help of a joy-ride.

10. Components

Dezy It marked the successful implementation of color and balance contrasting among the components thrown on the plane. Emphasis was given to the careful laying and arranging of buttons. Pre-planning of the designs helped in the visually aesthetic creation and navigation of tabs. This gave a hand to the Sepal team in serving their customers with the best experience possible on the platter.


Our team at Dezy It brought the reflective approach in binding the website and application to successful completion. It was made sure that the design composition for both the Application and the Website overlapped one another. This helped Sepal in establishing its brand name and identity on the online portal.


The designers at Dezy It was provided with briefs on stories by the Sepal Team. Our team, Aditya Tupe (Product Manager), Siddharth (Design Lead), Jatin Nirban (UX/UI Designer), and Pinaki Nanda (UX/UI Designer) stayed in constant close contact with the development team to ensure a seamless, smooth and fruitful experience with Sepal.

Final Words

Working with Sepal in the integration of their application in their bike hasn’t been less than a joyful ride for even the team at Dezy It.

We explored, we learned, and most importantly, we helped Sepal in becoming a more user-oriented version of itself.

Congratulations to team Sepal for bagging something this huge!

And it will be an understatement to say that it was a pleasure working with and for them!

If you have a startup similar or not-so-similar to Sepal and poor UX/UI Design or Experience is hindering the growth of your customer accumulation and loyalty;

Then we are the solution for you.

Click here, and get n a call with us today!

And let’s talk about YOUR needs!


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