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How to Choose the Right UX/UI Design Agency?

The first 15 seconds the user spends on your business’s page are enough for him to decide if you would be able to help them or if you are a waste of time. In the next 35 seconds, the user decides whether he still wants to give you a chance by going through the page or not. The numbers mentioned come from Google’s research on the role of visual complexity and prototypicality regarding first impressions of websites.

Visuals occupy more than half of the part of the impressions. Hence, choosing a reliable UX service agency in India or abroad becomes one of the most significant steps toward your project’s success.

Unsure what checkboxes to look for in an agency? We’ve got you!

UX/UI agency or an in-house design team?

The prerequisite of designing a business app, website, or platform is to choose between a UX/UI agency and an in-house design team. There are advantages to both choices. However, it turns out the side of UX/UI agency is heavier and is loaded with benefits.

Ready-to-work team

UX/UI agencies have properly established management frameworks. By cooperating with them, you get an all-ready-to-work team. This entails that you do not need to go around hiring people and shortlisting the best ones. You get professionals, who have prior experience in UX/UI working and who have successfully developed or improvised many other business applications or websites.

Cost control

UX/UI agencies have different packages for businesses working on different budgets. Working this way, after the completion of the project you don't owe more than or less than what you expected to a number of people. This also helps in reducing expenditures as much as you want to. And most importantly, you know you're in the right hands.

Reduced obligations

An in-house design team requires a lot of supervision and allotment of duties. Design teams provided by agencies however work on their own and already have people to supervise them. You can stay in touch with them, and they are ready to update you on what they have been doing regarding your project. This is exactly what happens at Dezy It. You as a customer are given the autonomy of each minor decision or changes made by the team at Dezy It.

Why is a good UX/UI design agency important?

Potential users who land on your page first get acquainted with your brand from the visuals of your design on it. What you present, determines your company’s identity and ideology. This brings us to the next question that lingers in your mind. Why is it so important to carefully choose the right and the best suitable UX/UI agency?

Better customer retention

Modern users are well aware that there exist alternative apps, websites, or platforms to what you provide. To cater to this selective nature of them, it is important to present them with clear navigation and an aesthetically appealing layout. Hiring a better UX/UI agency helps you be in the good books of your audience.

Improved business awareness

The uniqueness in your business's brand identity and its way of presenting things can directly affect your reputation that in turn affects the company’s revenue. By emphasizing these features, UX/UI professionals develop a design for you that is never seen before. This helps in increasing brand recognition and keeps the user coming back.

Boost in competitiveness

The business realm undergoes changes that happen in the snap of a finger. If you stay in the loop, and if you are able to keep up with its trends, then it helps a great deal in staying competitive in the market along with your rivals as well as establishing a long-term relationship with your recurring customers. Dezy It helps you in providing visuals that help you move at a better pace than your competitors.

How to choose a reliable UX/UI agency?

Now that we know the what and why of UX/UI design agencies, we can move towards the “how” of it. How to choose the most reliable and best-fitting UX/UI agency for your company?

Check ratings

You can look for design agencies on resourcing websites like Clutch, Awwwards, and Good Firms. These sites provide factually verified information that will help you in choosing a good UX service agency in India and abroad. Browse through the lists that contain the names of prominent service providers, read independent reviews of people who have worked with UX agencies, and shortlist the ones that look the most promising for your business.

Study portfolios and client reviews

The best thing you can do while looking for the best UX service agency in India or abroad is to visit an agency’s website or social media handles directly. Agencies usually mention case studies with descriptions of work done. You can also look through cases like your own or the clients that come from your field. This will help you get the answer to how the agency can help you.

Go with a team that has varied skills

A company that provides both UX and UI services is far better than one that provides only UX. If you are currently looking for a UX services agency in India or abroad, you should go for one that offers both UX and UI services. Some companies’ services do not end with UX/UI, they go beyond and provide business development, content, and growth strategies services as well. Dezy It presents such a team that not only helps inUX/UI but also in sealing any other cracks in your website or application.


Searching for a UX service agency in India or any other part of the world can be tricky. However, reading reviews, conducting thorough research, and analyzing portfolios. All these steps can help you choose the right design agency you are aspiring for. It’s important to one with the necessary and similar experience since your success depends on it.

Are you considering hiring a UX/UI agency?

Are you looking for one that is reliable and trustworthy?

Are you finding a UX agency with similar experience?

Dezy It is the best one you can go for. We at Dezy It worship customer relationships. We also possess experience working with companies with distinct backgrounds in medicine, entertainment, and even food. Check out more about how important UX can be for a healthcare-related platform, here.

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