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How to Improve SaaS UX Design?

In the UX realm today, being unable to develop UX/UI centred around SaaS is like being a chef and not knowing how to boil eggs. In short, it is an unsaid necessity.

The problems of the post-pandemic and the new world era have given rise to modern solutions. The new paradigm needed the support of online platforms for the convenience of managing relationships with customers, communication among the staff tracking, and laying project reports. Such a leap where leading organizations all over the globe searched for tools and platforms in order to make tasks easier gave birth to Software as a Service (SaaS).

Users today expect applications to make their lives easier and deliver everything using a user-oriented approach. The layouts of SaaS applications require the prioritization of the target audience and their needs more than anything.

Working on Saas can be complicated and even sound terrific to anyone who hasn’t done it before. As a developer or a designer first, one tries to keep their head wrapped around the traditional norms and requisites of a design. In a SaaS design, these need to be accompanied by the understanding of UX in enterprise since the products and services would directly be used by prominent big and small names in the industry.

Read along as we help you conquer the world of Saas using UX:

What is SaaS in UX design?

The UX/UI of an application has to align with SaaS development to ensure that it caters to the needs of the target audience or the client. This means that the product has to be helpful and easy to use for the customers as well the organizations that use it.

Importance of UX Design in SaaS:

Following good design practices for SaaS applications can prove to be extremely helpful, both in the short and long term. Some of how UX design can add value to SaaS are as follows.

1. Increased customer engagement

A good UX in Saas development promises more customer engagement. Users are able to perform their tasks efficiently, for longer, and without frustration when presented with simple UX/UI, one that is easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing, and interactive.

2. Simplified user journey

It is also to be noted that the Saas product cannot be created with just one client or user in mind. It should be suitable and adaptable to a wider range of organizations. This is exactly where the rule of mapping a user’s journey comes into the limelight in which all the user journeys are considered throughout the process. This then helps the developer in keeping in mind their major touchpoints, and work toward the needs of the users.

3. Increased return on investment (ROI)

Better development of any product or service leads to a greater level of usability. This then leads to better customer satisfaction or conversion rates. Satisfies customers not just themselves come back with ore in their hands, they also promote it among their contacts thus bringing more business. Therefore, a good UX/UI design of any Saas brings in better ROI.

How to improve SaaS UI/UX design?

The SaaS UX process however isn't as terrific as it sounds. Certain fine components, guidelines, and tips help better and improvise the elements of it coming to better and achievable results.

1. Simplicity

Since Saas applications, platforms or websites are themselves a bit complicated in nature, it is the job of a UX/UI designer or developer to simplify the maze-looking journey of it. The key features at no level are compromised, just the interaction and convenience of users are given more attention. This can be carried out with the usage of easy-to-use buttons, gestures, and visual content that helps in making things simple and crystal clear.

2. Adaptability and Flexibility

Another important aspect to be kept in mind while working on a UX/UI design in Saas is its adaptability and flexibility. The applications established for SaaS have to be used by various organizations or individuals for various tasks, it should therefore not be restricted to a single platform or device. There should be versions and upgrades of it. For example, an app built for ios devices leaves a huge section of potential users unattended. It is expected to work better and gain prominence when an android version of the same is developed.

3. Easy registration

While registering, most of the customers tend to get frustrated and revert back to the previous pages since they need to provide a lot of information in the process. Therefore, SaaS applications should contain easy registration techniques where the time of the users is valued and so is their satisfaction.

4. Create a better information architecture

It is again essential to provide the users with better AI to help them navigate through the roads with ease and find the content they are looking for at ease. With an improvement in AI, SaaS applications benefit a lot since even a well-designed tool that has numerous unique features fails if the users are unable to find the information that they are looking for.

5. Provide an efficient search tool

In an overwhelming experience like that provided by a SaaS application, It is imperative to have a search tool that can help a user in finding what they need. This goes only if the search tool is designed to be inclusive of each and everything present on the platform and also has the answers to all the queries of the audience.


The task of creating a SaaS application is bound to occur again and again in a UX/UI developer’s or designer’s life. It is hence, expected of him/her to know the basic requirements and the features of it to be able to develop it in a better way.

  • Is your SaaS application not doing well?

  • Are you thinking of getting your SaaS application made?

  • Does the UX/UI on your application just not do the job?

If any of the above questions occupy your mind, then you are at the right place.

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