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How to promote your Design Services

In these times when there are many freelancers and small designing services that provide web and graphic design services, it can get difficult to maintain a steady flow of clients.

Today we will be discussing simple hacks on how to promote your design services.

In our previous blog on 5 ways to market yourself as a designer, we discussed some fundamentals that you need to determine like building your foundation, identifying your target audience, creating a social media presence, etc. You may check it out before proceeding with this blog to understand a wider perspective.

We will further be discussing how to promote your design services.

Illustration of how to foster design services

Specify your Services

A lot of things fall under web and graphic designing, you need to specifically define what are the services that you provide.

For example, if you provide logo designing services or graphic designing services you need to specify that on your social media and on your website. If you provide interior designing services you need to specify whether they’re entire house designing or kitchen designing services.

Create a great looking Website

Your website acts as your portfolio. So make sure it’s minimal & simplistic yet attractive and most importantly revolves around the needs of your target audience.

You can decorate your site with testimonials, case studies of your projects, some of your best project samples, etc...

But this is not enough!

Your design solely can’t get you a client, after all the result matters. Never hesitate to showcase your results e.g the traffic difference after and before you working on the project etc.

Use a Call To Action, provide your clients with choices, use third-party Portfolio sites like Behance, Dribble, etc.

Write Blogs

Creating relevant blogs will definitely help you generate more crowds. You may write a blog related to design, you may target long-tail search phrases by having keyword research.

You may also write blogs in other relevant industries, like web development.

Social Media

Social media plays a very important role in promoting your services.

Having an effective social media presence will help you a lot to promote your designing services.

Designing custom graphics for your profile will help you stand out, you may promote your blog posts, showcase your work, run contests, and many more things with your social media.

Email marketing also helps you to reach out to new clients as well as maintaining relationships with previous clients.

You may send out newsletters to let others know what’s going on in your company.


Attending various community events and catching up with like-minded people.

Hosting seminars/webinars or workshops.

Responding to inquiries and talking to potential clients over call or face-to-face.

What are the ways according to you by which you can do efficient networking?

Tell us in the comments below.


We’re lucky to be born in the era of digital marketing. It costs much much lesser than traditional marketing ways.

In our previous section, we discussed creating an effective social media presence. Your social media presence will also help you market your services.

You may use different ads like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google ads, Pinterest ads, etc.

You may also join the local business directories for this purpose.

I hope that many of your dilemmas of how to start, what to do, how to do, etc.. have been rectified after reading this article.

Are there some more suggestions from your side?

Tell us in the comments below….


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