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Marketing Strategies for Freelance Designers

In this blog, we will try to shine light upon the various ways in which a freelance designer can market himself. We will be discussing several promotional methods and strategies that can be implemented to establish a freelance design business.

Be it an established graphic designer, or a newbie, everyone is always looking for new ways to expand their clientèle. However, for a freelance designer, acquiring new clients is a challenge. There is no shortcut to becoming a successful freelance graphic designer, but one can try to employ strategies to aid and push them in the right direction.

Illustration of marketing plan for freelance designers

In this article we will be discussing some tips that you can use to promote and establish yourself as a designer:

  1. Finding your Niche: Clients look for experts, not all-rounders. Without a specific niche, it will be challenging for you to promote your freelance design services. Focusing on a narrow, and most importantly, specific niche enables you to become more proficient in that particular sphere and with time, beat your competitors, which is key to success in the Design world.

  2. Understanding client needs: Incorporating empathy into the design is often a sure shot way to satisfy your clients, and even attract new ones. Pegging down the exact needs of your client, and delivering a design custom-made for them is key to success. Another way is to offer targeted services, such as logo design for new business owners, etc.

  3. Defining your Strengths: Try to take some time and understand what specific aspect you are good at, especially better at than other designers in your niche. Strengths can be design-related or others, such as punctuality, work ethics, empathy, etc.

  4. Creating a Brand: One O the most important aspects of marketing is to establish and promote your brand identity. It includes defining the look and tone of the brand, selecting signature colours, and a specific style to which you adhere to. Your brand elements thus must communicate exactly how you want to portray your brand to your audience.

  5. Website and Social Media: A website is a great platform to display your work and properly market your design. It creates an air of professionalism, which cannot be achieved through a portfolio or profile on any third-party website. A properly designed website goes miles in converting an audience into potential clients. In the current world, social media plays a crucial role in expanding your clientèle and properly marketing your designs. It helps you to build a network, share testimonials, etc. all eventually resulting in creating a good marketing strategy.

  6. Being Visible Everywhere: This may sound bizarre, but it is very essential to make sure that your brand is omnipresent. Sign up on designing platforms like Behance, Deviant Art, etc. as well as on different freelancing platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr. It will play a major role in increasing exposure.

  7. Asking for Testimonials: The presence of testimonials on a website instantly makes you more trustworthy in the eyes of a potential customer. Sharing client testimonials on social media, on your website, or even while pitching your product over email is very helpful while marketing your design.

  8. Flaunting your work: Being a graphic designer, you must display your projects in a visually attractive and professional way - be it on your website, social media, or even on design platforms. Most importantly, you should use mockups to portray your designs - device mockups (website/app design), product mockups, interior mockups, and so on.

  9. Making a blog: A blog is a great addition to your website, and also a sure-shot way to promote your design and your brand identity. However, using long-tail keywords which are more detailed, and have a narrow focus can streamline a steady flow of audience to your website, and can be converted to potential clients. It is important to keep your blog updated and active.

  10. Building strong relationships: They say "New is always better", but keep in mind that "Old is Gold". New clients are definitely more difficult to gather than existing ones are to keep. Having a significant amount of returning customers not only ensures a steady workflow and income but also helps to curb the marketing costs to a certain point. Being timely and organized, producing stellar results, and moreover maintaining proper work ethics and trust are some ways to build strong relationships with your clients. It is however crucial to make sure that you are constantly in touch with them through social media or any other forms of communication. Offering incentives such as "discounts" to returning clients definitely goes a long, long way!

In today’s market, it is important to maintain a certain level of competition with your peers, but it is much more essential to build and establish yourself first. Knowing how to brand yourself as a graphic designer and effectively market your own services can make all the difference to your freelance career. You can shine by understanding the value of integrated marketing campaigns and how to properly utilise your talent in creating visuals to enhance your marketing efforts for clients.


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