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Ways you can promote yourself on social media

Nowadays, social media has become one of the topmost platforms to promote and market your artwork, design, creativity and grow your business. You can promote your brand in front of millions by using proper content strategies and marketing tips. Social media is a massive platform and the best place to create a brand identity. The only thing you need to remember is to be creative, consistent and promising towards your audience. When your content is engaging and consistent, people will look forward to your upcoming posts and updates. Here are some ways you can promote yourself on social media:

Instagram Reels

Reels is a new feature launched by Instagram which has taken over the internet. It has drastically changed the viewer traffic and functionality of Instagram users. With reels, you can now deliver your content to a viewer in the form of short videos that last 30 to 60 seconds. Remember, the reel needs to catch your users' attention in the first five seconds. It's the only way anyone would watch the reel to the very end and thus know about your brand or product. You can make use of trending audios, GIFs, and stickers anytime, anywhere in your reel. You can even use Instagram filters to add in with the original audio from your device. With Reels, there's so much to explore and improvise. These three points might help you where IG Reels are concerned:

  1. Catch the viewer's attention in the first five seconds

  2. Deliver authentic and aesthetic content to your viewers

  3. Use relevant hashtags for your posts

Be conscious about the platform

Each social media platform differs from the other. There are some exclusive features available on every social media platform. Instagram has Reels, Snapchat has Snap streaks, WhatsApp has a direct messaging facility, Twitter focuses on hashtags and headlines, Pinterest has mood boards, etc. Every platform has its unique design and functionality method, and you have to be conscious about how you are promoting your content on any given social media platform. For example, you cannot make IG feed size pictures for Pinterest (they vary in size formats) because it would disturb the look and feel of your content. Deliver posts by keeping in mind the layout of any given app.

Time of the day

It's the little things that matter. A small change you can make in your social media calendar is to note down the time of day you plan to deliver your content. You should keep track of when your content has its highest reach and when it's not making any progress for the product. Note it down. Try to plan out your new schedule around the time you could get your best engagement and reach. When you analyze the weekly or monthly report, you will know which trends are working and which aren't. Plan your upcoming calendar accordingly. You can avail yourself of one-of-a-kind benefits if you stick to the schedule and think creatively.

Be active

It is one of the foremost priorities when you want to use social media for advertising your product. You have to remain active on all the social media platforms throughout the day. Reply to all the comments, interact with your viewers, post fun stories and most importantly, include your users in your journey. Make your viewers a part of your life and work. Ask questions, start a discussion, connect with them using features like Instagram live or Direct

Message in LinkedIn. It is one of the best ways to increase your content interactions and engage with your audience. It builds a strong bond between you and your client.

Less is more

Don't bombard your users with unnecessary content. Always make sure you are conscious about the things that you post on social media. Be aware of your professional boundaries and never disclose any ideas or updates without seeking prior permission from your clients or employer. Curate fruitful content and then give it a last touch with your graphics. Graphics can add spice to your marketing strategies by making your approach fun and interactive. Take some time and think before you post. Don't go overboard with high-end graphics and glitters. Keep it simple and creative.

Social media can do wonders for your product if you learn to use it effectively. Make your content appealing to the viewers by making use of these five simple tips. Do you have any more social media marketing strategies? Share with us in the comments below!


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