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Why is Customer experience design crucial to the company's growth?

We all know how crucial UI/UX is in the design industry. However, it's not the only element that determines the success of a company as a whole. One of the most integral parts of any product journey or interaction with a customer is their optimal user experience. For this, specialised Customer Experience designers, also known as CX designers, are hired to improve the work culture between the client and the company. But,

What is Customer Experience?

Well, customer experience design focuses on building quality and thoughtfulness in the products/services offered by the company for the user. It ensures a smooth and efficient interchange of thoughts, ideas, and communication between the customer and the company. It oversees the entire interaction between the customer and company from the beginning to the end.

There are thousands of brands and companies out there. Thus, to earn the loyalty of your users, you have to make their experience and interaction with you enjoyable. They should have fun working with you and get optimal user satisfaction from your products. So with customer experience design, one must focus on the whole picture and not just the product journey of the client with the company.

Case study :

Let's take the example of Apple and how does customer experience design come into the picture while making sales of any Apple products. Apple has billions of loyal customers. It's not just because it's pleasant to use an iPhone. But, Apple has made sure to give the best experience to the user by providing facilities like ease of purchase, excellent customer service, innovative marketing campaigns, exchange offers, etc. As a result, when one thinks of Apple as a company, they don't just see a good product, but they see a good company offering them the best service out there.

What does customer experience design include?

Interaction with the user is one of the main aspects of customer experience design. For example, you make your users sign up for the newsletters, convince them to use your product, send out creatively curated pop-up messages, etc. You need people with a creative mindset who can develop different ideas to reach out to the users.

What does a CX designer do?

The CX designer handles all types of communication between the client and the user. They have a big responsibility of solving issues, analysing the feedback given by the users, and being up-to-date about the latest trends in the industry. As a result, the CX designer could be from marketing, tech, sales, advertising, finance, or management background. This way, they are well-aware of their job expectations and can deliver better results in the long run.

Skills required

  • Effective communicators

They have to be fluent while communicating with the customers. A CX designer is the first person from the company who will interact with the user. And when it comes to first impressions, we must only put our best foot forward.

  • Open-minded about their client's feedback.

The designer should be open to all kinds of opinions and expectations from the client. They must ensure that the client is well-heard of and included in their product journey.

  • Ensure a smooth workflow

As a CX designer, one must keep an eye on every user’s interaction with the company. There should be no miscommunications that could hamper the customer experience.

  • Embody a professional persona whilst interacting with the users.

As a CX designer, one has to embody perfect professionalism. One must stick to the company protocols and finish the job before the assigned deadlines.

  • Understanding user expectations

This is by far the most crucial aspect of user experience. As a CX designer, it’s your job to know about the user expectations and convey them to the relevant members of the team.

When a user gets an exceptional experience with your company, they put in a good word for you in the industry. Nothing is as effective as better word-of-mouth marketing that brings you, well, high return customers. A CX designer is the touchpoint between the customer and the company. They are responsible for bringing in potential clients. As a result, you must keep in mind to hire someone who can make your user's experience with the company productive, pleasant, and interactive.

Do you have any more tips to share about user experience? Do share them with us in the comments below!


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