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Work From Home: Designer’s Edition

The Covid pandemic has hit the world hard, leading to some major transformations in traditional business structures. One of the major transformations is Remote Working.

Around 88% of organisations worldwide made it mandatory for their employees to work from home.

Work From Home: Designer Edition

The Boost of Remote Working

As people can no more go to their workplaces due to lockdown, many have been forced to work from home. The boost that the virus gave to remote working has never been experienced before.

Despite the pitfalls working in the comforts of our home eventually made us want to work from home even after the pandemic ends. Why won’t it?

We get the privilege to work according to the best time suitable for us, it cuts down the travelling time, work is done more efficiently in a few industries, you can attend meetings from home and many more.

Let’s Talk About Designers

Many industries like the automobile industry experienced huge loss and an increase in the number of challenges due to the redefined habits in the lockdown.

But, the lockdown did not hurt the Designer’s industry. Instead, designers tend to like work from home more. Design Sprints being an extremely beneficial process, it is now conducted online.

If you are a startup with limited fundings and want to use Design Sprint, you may use Dezy It. Dezy It is your personal design sprint master that will help you out throughout the process of Design Sprint.

The rate of established and new businesses getting online has boosted a lot in this lockdown period. And designers keep meeting up the customer requirements in all the domains. It may be recreating the UI/UX or building a brand new online interface. It may be revaluating an existing platform or conducting a design sprint to convert ideas into products. Yet, designers never gave up on their tasks.

Tools that Help

Aren’t their issues that designers face while communicating and ideating online?

Of course, there are issues, but with the help of technology, you can cope with them.

Due to the availability of online tools that eliminate the loopholes of remote working, the industry persists.

The use of task trackers like Trello, JIRA, etc., helps to organise the tasks in one place, reducing the risks of being clueless regarding the work.

Online video conferencing platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, etc., made it possible to have high-quality video conferencing anytime and from any corner of the world.

Companies started to use platforms like Miro, Google Docs, Mural, etc.

Using these technological advances to the fullest and working with increased potential in this pandemic is what designers did then and are doing still!


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