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User Interface as a Service

'To the user, the interface is the product.' 

What is User Interface (UI) design?

The look and feel of an application, website, or platform are termed the User Interface of the product. This encompasses both the appearance as well as the interactivity of an app. The UI of an application constitutes the colours a user sees, the text they read, the buttons they click on, and the animations they interact with. These necessities then become the responsibilities of a UI designer. From contrasting colors to impacting font, from subscriptions to feedback buttons, from illustrations to animations, Dezy It offers to do it all for you. 

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How to improve your UI? 

UI design builds the way for UX design. A few things should be kept in mind to have an extraordinary one. 

1. Design Systems 

Design systems streamline the UI process. It’s not just about knowing your customer’s demographics but also about what all exactly will go on the page. 

We at Dezy It, work systematically to lay down what tabs and buttons are needed for each action taken by the user. We empathize with the user and equip them with design systems that provide them with smoother navigation and routes. This helps the company in building a secure and trustworthy relationship with a user that fosters loyalty. 

2. Make an interface inventory 

Once you acquire a clear idea of what the user wants, you can create an inventory of the UI elements and the features required for the user to accomplish their goals.  For this one needs typography, images, tables, buttons, and a navigation system. At Dezy It, we focus on the user’s requirements and systematically work towards the implementation of the same. This paves the brand’s way towards working solely for a kind of user and designing specific elements for them. 

3. Create a prototype 

A prototype is a semi-functional layout that shows what the actual application’s interface will look like. With a prototype, it can be discussed how the elements would function, test their working, and make changes accordingly. Prototyping is the name of the bridge that joins the idea and the finished product. Dezy It provides an efficient prototype that ensures stakeholders and the app designer have seamless communication between them. 

What UI principles should you keep in mind?

Every application requires an interface that is unique to its kind, there are a few fundamental principles that need to be carried out: 

1. Be consistent 

Consistency in everything you put across for your customer can help a great deal. Being consistent in the colors you feature, the typography you use, the animations you illustrate, and sometimes even the words you put forward leads to overall cohesion in your interface. Since consistency is the best thing you can give to the user, Dezy It enables any application, website, or platform to provide it for their users. This helps any business coming in contact with it getting better user engagement. 

2. Make users feel in control 

You need to make the users who land on your page feel like it is all in their hands and they decide where to go. Hence, they would spend time exploring and learning the features of the application. Popups should have clear close buttons and checkout pages and easy ways to go back. At Dezy It, we focus on working on the most minute details and parts of the pages and tabs that create a positive impression on the users. This helps establish the brand identity and creates an impression about the company trying to put the users first. 

3. Prevent errors 

Your UI should be empowered with mechanisms that not only react to errors but prevent them. You can provide this feature by giving undo options, steps to confirm their personal or payment information, alerts, warning messages, or terms and conditions. Dezy It provides its clients with extraordinary and easy mechanisms that help the user at every point of their journey. 


To survive in a competitive realm, you need to build a user community that believes that you are offering them the best. It then becomes a compelling necessity to make them trust you so that they return with an unforgettable experience and a brand name that they share with others. 

Better user engagement? better conversion rates? better retention? better ROIs? better costumer experience?

All of it comes down to UX/UI services. 

And no one is better at providing these than Dezy It! Scaling all over the sub-continent and overseas, this UX/UI service agency provides amazing results through its smooth workflows and finest details. 

Our Portfolio

Our Clients

What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

"It has been an honor and privilege to work with Dezy It. Indranil has been an incredible partner - working with us, offering us fresh insights while accommodating our unique needs with exceptional customer care. Dezy It’s design team’s proactive approach has significantly elevated our engagement and presence within the traditional online and social media environments impacting the community we serve. We cherish our collaboration with Dezy It and look forward to the continued partnership.”

- Terry Sievert, President  Stay in the Fight Veterans Foundation

Engagement Model


Build & Operate

- Define Goals

- User Personas

- User Interviews

- Use Case Scenario

- Brainstorming

- Impact vs Feasibility Analysis

- Wireframing

- High Fidelity Screens

- Responsive Design

- Prototype

- MVP Development

Effort Est: 200+ Hours/Month

Price: 25 USD/Hour




Build & Operate

Everything in the Concept package +

- User Testing

- Journey Mapping

- Identifying Pain Points

- Brainstorming

- Impact vs Feasibility Analysis

- Wireframing

- High Fidelity Screens

- Responsive Design

- Design Systems 

- Product Development

Effort Est: 500+ Hours/Month

Price: 20 USD/Hour




Build & Operate

Get a series of sprints tailored to design your product for scale!

- Define

- Empathise 

- Ideate 

- Prototype

- User Testing

- Re-iterate

- Final Design


Let us set up your design team!

Effort Est: 1000+ Hours/Month

Price: 15 USD/Hour



Build & Operate

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