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Dezy It is a powerful yet super easy-to-use online collaboration tool that lets you run Design Sprints, sketch and review in one place. 
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Design Sprints are Great! 

Design Sprint is a five-day process, initially developed at Google Ventures and is used to:

  • Validate ideas and tackle business problems

  • Uncover insights and create deep value for end-users 

  • Identify core jobs to be done, test, review and ship fast

But Design Sprints can be hard to conduct!

Web Designing

Preparation can take a lot of time!

Music Producers

There are tons of tools you’ll have to use

Asian manager and his team planning a strategy

Collaborating and Communication is difficult 


Why Dezy It?

Dezy It is the One-Stop-Shop for all your Design Sprint needs and it makes it easy to run and facilitate effective Design Sprint Processes

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Our Features

Learn on the go

Our fun, learning platform teaches and guides you through design sprints. Dezy It acts as a sidekick to your Design Sprint process and helps you reach your goals faster.


All the tools you need

Saves time and effort with access to your design sprint tools and documents generated during a design sprint as well as many templates of common design sprint deliverables in one easy-to-use place. 

Anywhere, anytime and with anyone

We pride ourselves on being a cross-platform tool that allows you to run a Design Sprint, no matter where in the world you are. If you are an entrepreneur with just an idea or an organisation with 1000’s members, we have Design Sprints solutions for everyone.


Design Thinking Primer

Design Thinking is an approach that helps organizations, large and small, understand their customers and create engaging experiences across their products and services.

If you are working in-house or for a smaller organization, we will show you how design thinking principles can be used for both product development and business strategy.

Our primer has summarized design thinking in simple terms, giving you a comprehensive understanding of how one can effectively apply these tools in their organization.

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    Join us if you are a professional or a design student and make your design journey simple and fun.

Design Sprint Services

A Design Sprint is a five-day process, initially developed at Google Ventures and is used to  validate ideas and tackle business problems, uncover insights and create deep value for end-users, identify core jobs to be done, test, review and ship fast

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At the end of the design sprint, you can expect one of these outcomes:

A resounding victory where your prototype enabled users to solve their problems and met their expectations. You now have a clear path towards your end product.

A flawed win— where you clearly identified what works, what doesn’t and why. You should iterate to fine-tune adjustments and test again.

A successful failure— where you learned valuable information from your users about your prototype, and thus avoided sinking months into creating the wrong product. You should run a follow-up sprint to explore new angles.

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