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Team Dezy It

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are a team of designers, entrepreneurs and creators all coming together to form a creative community with a common vision of growth and innovation.

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Our Story


It all began in 2018 while we were still in college at Srishti Art and Design Institute of Technology. A group of friends, all freelancing designers, came together to establish a multi-disciplinary design agency. Since then, we've collaborated with numerous funded startups, SMEs, and enterprises. Our niche in UX/UI emerged as we honed our expertise in Design Sprints—a framework developed at Google Ventures. Our journey involved gathering insights from diverse organizations, across different scales, geographies, and cultures. Continuously, we've pinpointed core challenges and delved into the problems companies encounter when implementing and managing UX Design and Design Thinking processes at scale.

Enter Dezy It—our product and complementary services are crafted to empower companies to scale Design Sprints like never before. We're driven to share the value we've uncovered with the masses.

Meet the Team

Indranil Roy, Founder, Growth & Product Dezy It

Indranil Roy

Founder, Growth & Product

Jatin Kumar Design Lead

Jatin Kumar

Product Design Lead

Prasad Sawant Development Lead Dezy It

Prasad Sawant

Development Lead

Aditya Tupe, Co-founder, Design & Ops Dezy It

Aditya Tupe

Co-Founder, Design & Ops

Mohammed Haris, HR Lead, Dezy It

Mohammed Haris

HR & Operations Lead

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