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Team Dezy It

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are a team of designers, engineers and creators all coming together to form a creative community with a common vision of growth and innovation.

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Our Story


Back in 2018, a bunch of passionate, self-driven, and entrepreneurial youngsters from Srishti Art and Design Institute of Technology, scattered in our own worlds, united to establish a multi-disciplinary design agency with a common vision of growth and innovation. That's how our design crew started.

Since then, we've partnered up with funded startups, SMEs, and enterprises, learning and growing every step of the way. We then decided to narrow down and pick a niche. We specialize in UX/UI as we discovered and developed expertise in Design Sprints – a framework developed at Google

Our journey has been eye-opening, gathering insights from companies across the globe traversing diverse cultures, scales, and geography. We've seen the struggles companies face in bringing up and managing design thinking into their processes, slowing down the growth of their product. That's where Dezy It comes in – our way of helping companies unleash Product-Led Growth like never before with lean data-driven UX. 

Dezy It is super passionate about design, and we're on a mission to provide better customer experiences for your users!

Meet the Team

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