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Importance of a Collaborative Product Design Process

Everyone you meet knows something that you don’t.

“With the help of cross-functional collaboration, the product design process gains real momentum.”

There isn’t anything wrong with putting more than one mindset to work. This could be done through working in a team rather than putting your individual brain to do all the thinking. Working together not only helps you carry out tasks systematically and without fail, but it also helps in producing an outcome established with the help of distinct and sometimes even clashing outlooks

To accelerate the process of product design, keep clients updated, and keep teams hooked on the design process, cross-department and collaborations help a great deal.

Read on as we take you through breaking down what collaborative designs are, and their importance, and suggest some tips to encourage collaboration.

What is Collaborative Design?

Going exactly by the name, a collaborative design is a process of designing in a team. A team that is featured with diverse profiles like that of designers, researchers, growth and product manager, critics, etc. Who fuse their talents towards the creation of something that connects business and user needs.

Importance of Collaborative Product Design Process

Great and well-working products do not have one single person behind their success. A product is established into its most engaging and promising version with the help of a team. Every product that is expected to be reaching these heights needs the following prerequisites of collaborative product design:

1. Mutual vision – each and every team member is kept well informed so that they look eye-to-eye throughout the process

2. Innovative solutions – after gathering feedback about the potential or possible loopholes and later considering diverse viewpoints emerging from a distinct variety of expertise skill sets enable promising solutions.

3. Varied perspectives – collaborative culture helps in instilling democracy within the work ambiance and signals that each opinion matters

4. Time effective – open communication feature of a collaborative design process prevents misunderstandings and also any costly revisions so that the product is brought to the development stage sooner.

Top Tips to Get Started

When you have worked individually for ages, it becomes a bit of a challenge to produce a product in a team where your ideas are improvised and sometimes critiqued. To handle such situations when one does not know where and how to start, our tips come in handy:

1. Cross-Functional Teaming

If your goal is to produce robust ideation and iteration, there should be distinct disciplines involved in the team. Creating a cross-level team is a better option since a unique idea can occur to anyone.

2. Focus on the Problem First

Spend time thinking about the problem first and the solutions that help come out of it. Keep the team informed about the outcomes you aspire to achieve and let them work with you with a little flexibility.

3. The Way Forward

Trace a clear and brave vision of the future, challenge and encourage the team members to think beyond the project and question the impact that its work will have.


The main purpose of a collaborative design process should focus on solving a challenge faced by a user. It should also focus on building a stronger relationship between the user and the brand.

An effective design collaboration pushes everyone involved in it with a problem-solving mindset and process to come together and build a better working product. Even the best and the most experienced specialists can’t design great products alone, and this is exactly why collaboration is so fundamental.

While other specialists out there offer themselves as an individual asset to your product design process, Dezy It offers to assign an entire team of designers and analysts to work solely on your product.

Is there any other offer as exclusive as this one?

The answer is NO.

We at Dezy It assess your product and look for existing and potential loopholes that might lead your users to a dead-end and further lead to creating a bad impression on them. We then create and carry out possible solutions for the same. All this while, testing is being carried out at every step.

It is safe for us to say that we are the best solution to all your product design-related problems since we possess experience in almost all sectors, and we worship transparency and communication.

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