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Master Your Design Skills with Top UX Design Tools in India

  • What will a user see when interacting with an application or service?

  • How to ensure smooth user flow through a service?

  • How to provide the best CX?

In the end, it all usually comes down to “HOW” to provide the user with something that compels him to form a bond with the brand. UX/UI designers are usually the ones considered responsible for defining a clear path for the users when they travel through products and services.

As web designers, we usually use a distinct variety of top UX tools in India for our convenience including those useful for wireframing and prototyping. Most of these tools are powered with a number of collaborative functionalities which provides an ease for those working in teams.

Many such top UX design tools in India focus only on the user. These help designers in determining the flow of the product. Thes tools cater to a wide range of even contrasting users ranging from beginner levels to experts.

Let’s help you unwrap this range of top UX design tools in India that help in wireframing and prototyping:

Best Prototyping Tools

1. InVision

InVision is an incredible prototyping tool out of the top UX design tools in India used by 100 companies including Spotify, Amazon, HBO, and Netflix. Mastering this tool makes a great opportunity for designing professionals who want to work at a large company. The tool is cloud-based so it works across operating systems.

InVision helps import pre-existing designs and transform them into realistic and interactive prototypes. It helps the designers establish low or medium fidelity prototypes with basic animations at an early stage of development. The most exciting part of the application is that it is absolutely free to use.

2. is a unique drag-and-drop which can be run on any device with the help of a browser. It is also used in creating applications. The tool enables the designers to create a well-working and interactive mock-up with the help of standard UI elements as wll as transitions. also provides the designers with a cloud for ease in storing and collaboration.

With the help of designers are able to create high-fidelity elements. The application might be a bit difficult to understand but one you break through; it proves to be a great decision switching to it.

3. Adobe XD

Adobe XD is a vector-based design tool which is used to lay down wireframes, prototypes, mock-ups and designs in entirety. It is available in Mac, Windows, iOS and android versions. It therefore gets easy, showcasing mobile designs using any device.

This is one of the most powerful of the top UX Design tools in India as it enables a designer to create a wide range of interfaces, prototypes, from applications to platforms and everything in between. It also fosters ease in collaboration, animation and iteration options.

Best Wireframing Tools

Designers use an ideal wireframing technique where the ideas that emerge in the ideation phase are put into a mock-up design and sent to the client. When the client approves of it, these are turned into actual designs. If not, necessary changes and improvements are conducted.

Listed below are a few wireframing tools for beginners and even advanced UX designers:

1. UXPin

UXPin is an online designing, wireframing and prototyping tool which is used to build applications, interfaces, etc.

UXPin provides the convenience of taking designs from the wireframing phase to the prototyping phase and then later into the final development stages. Prominent brands like HBO, PayPal, Microsoft and Netflix use UXPin to create and edit designs and prototypes quickly. This means that being an expert in using this tool might land one in jobs aligned to these popular brands.

This tool is ornamented with a depth, which turns out to be a great option for beginners and freelancers who need a better understanding of UX design. This entails that the tool is super easy to comprehend.

2. Balsamiq

Wireframing is expected to be a fast and efficient process since it involves generating ideas and looking for the best solutions. This tool might not contain a great variety of features but that turns out to be an advantageous factor since then it can solely provide specific excellently working features which are incredibly easy to go through and learn the working of.

Balsamiq focuses on iterative designs with low fidelity. This entails the ones that are concerned with outlining the overall without getting into the tiniest of details.

The cloud service offered in this tool fosters collaborative tools, collaborative view and chatting with other editors while working on the same project.


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