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Design Sprints as a service

Would you like to know what you can expect from Dezy It?

Are you looking for a product development service? Your search stops at Dezy It! With over 150+ projects, our Design and Development team have worked tirelessly to create beautiful products for clients like you!

Your search stops at Dezy it.

  • Transparent communication between you and our team so that we’re aligned with your business goals.

  • Pre-scheduled meetings for regular reviews and finalising the work done.

  • We know your product is the result of your hard work. Don’t worry, no work will be finalised until you give us the green signal

Still not sure about us? Let us walk you through our Design Sprint Process!

Empathise and Research

Empathy is one of the core elements for user experience. We believe that only when we are able to deeply understand your problem at any given time, will we be able to create products that can truly please you and your users. For this, we follow a thorough design research process. With our design research process, we aim to understand what people want, need and desire, and therein, we focus all our creative energy in that direction.

Kick it off with our Design Team!

We believe that our design team should be well acquainted with your vision and goals before we start working on your project. Our Design Head, Jatin and his team will get in touch with you and answer any questions you might have before the project work begins!


We believe in complete transparency about the tools and processes we implement for your project. This ensures that we’re in sync with your vision.

Low-fidelity screens

Once the pain points are defined and our team has a complete understanding of your vision, we move on to create the low-fidelity screens. While we’re working on low-fidelity screens, we ensure we’re in touch with you. Every little change is run by you before finalising the work. This helps us understand if we’re straying away from the path and helps us track our progress.

We know you have imagined how your product should look and we ensure we do our best to turn that dream into reality!

Hi-fidelity screens

Once you give us the green signal for the low-fidelity screens and the design components, we move towards the high-fidelity screens. 


Here, we create prototypes that look and feel realistic, are highly functional and interactive and are barely distinguishable from the end product.

Design System

The look and feel of your product are one of the main touch points for a customer. We work on the Color scheme, typography, visual aesthetics and other design components of the user interface for your product.


We work on the software development of the initial prototype and test functionality by enlisting our team members and beta testers to quality assurance our development process.

Our Portfolio

Our Clients

What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

"It has been an honor and privilege to work with Dezy It. Indranil has been an incredible partner - working with us, offering us fresh insights while accommodating our unique needs with exceptional customer care. Dezy It’s design team’s proactive approach has significantly elevated our engagement and presence within the traditional online and social media environments impacting the community we serve. We cherish our collaboration with Dezy It and look forward to the continued partnership.”

- Terry Sievert, President  Stay in the Fight Veterans Foundation

Engagement Model


Build & Operate

- Define Goals

- User Personas

- User Interviews

- Use Case Scenario

- Brainstorming

- Impact vs Feasibility Analysis

- Wireframing

- High Fidelity Screens

- Responsive Design

- Prototype

- MVP Development

Effort Est: 200+ Hours/Month

Price: 25 USD/Hour




Build & Operate

Everything in the Concept package +

- User Testing

- Journey Mapping

- Identifying Pain Points

- Brainstorming

- Impact vs Feasibility Analysis

- Wireframing

- High Fidelity Screens

- Responsive Design

- Design Systems 

- Product Development

Effort Est: 500+ Hours/Month

Price: 20 USD/Hour




Build & Operate

Get a series of sprints tailored to design your product for scale!

- Define

- Empathise 

- Ideate 

- Prototype

- User Testing

- Re-iterate

- Final Design


Let us set up your design team!

Effort Est: 1000+ Hours/Month

Price: 15 USD/Hour



Build & Operate

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