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Why Should You Have A Mobile-friendly Website?


45.4% of people all over the world are well equipped with smartphones today. With the inevitable shift to digitalization enforcing itself on the global market, the requirement for smartphone-friendly marketing grew. In other words, as the prominence of screens induces the masses, so does the demand for making them durable. Durable in the sense, smaller so that they can be used conveniently and carried anywhere with ease.

Just as hands got used to smaller screens, created through the screen was a global market far bigger than the rectangular device. And as businesses go digital all over in this post-pandemic era, more customers ask for ease of access i.e. through their smartphones.

Now developing a website for desktops is one thing, what the current world requires is a mobile-friendly site. In simple words, a site that is responsive on a mobile phone.

Still, having doubts about the WHYs of making your site mobile-friendly? We got you.

Allow us to take you through some reasons why:

1. Adaptability

There are more smartphones on the planet than there are people, and the number doesn’t seem to be ceasing anytime soon. This takes one to the realization that the number or the chances of a person accessing one’s business through a smartphone increases with every spent day.

Poor experience when viewing the site from a mobile device will result in their chances of returning coming down to none. This would further result in lower sales and the downfall of the brand.

2. Rising Mobile Usage

About 60% of the total website traffic is said to emerge from mobile surfing. As the number of smartphones increases every day, so does website traffic through phones. Therefore, it is advised to have a mobile responsive website and it is one of the things that top the business checklist.

3. Increased Mobile Surfers

About 55% of all social media activities are now done on a mobile device. Therefore, sharing the links to mobile-friendly websites can help better engagement with the brand. It is thus self-explanatory how crucial it is to provide social media users with links to be clicked that in turn increase the traffic on the site.

4. Losing Mobile Customers

According to studies, a website user who reaches a page that does not answer or provide what he/she has been looking for is most likely to leave and visit another site expecting to get provided with what they are looking for. Similarly, if the mobile user lands on a page that answers his/her queries, he/she is most likely to come back. This explains how not having a mobile-friendly site can cause customers to go for other rival competitors.

UX is one of the crucial requirements of a website today. Outsourcing UX design for your business’ website can help attract and engage organic traffic. This leads to a better ranking of your website and stark increases in sales. We at Dezy It, have worked with several clients coming from distinct sectors previously, providing them with design sprints and outsourcing UX Design for them!

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5. Experience At Ease

Customers for a company are of great importance. Companies desire to provide their customers with a memorable and frustration-free experience. A mobile responsive site appears the same on a smaller device as it does on a desktop computer. Such an experience deeply satisfies the customer and makes them come back for a recurring one.

6. Customers Expect It

Customers expect a seamless and quick experience on their smartphones. In a situation where one’s firm is competing with others, it turns out to be a symbol of defeat for them when the customer leaves the site and reaches that of another due to expectations not being met. It is therefore a necessity to have a mobile-friendly website since it will lead to customers getting directed towards other aligning companies that provide a better experience on mobile devices.

7. Better SEO

It is not unknown that Search Engines look for authentic sites to crawl them into better ranks on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Mobile responsive websites serve such an image to the bots of the search engine giants. In simpler words, having one URL rather than two serves authenticity on a platter to algorithms is what every company today needs.

A study has even found out that Search engine giants like Google rank mobile responsive or mobile-friendly sites higher than those sites that can be accessed only on a desktop since search engines prioritize a positive experience for the user as well.

8. Increased Speed

Every Search Engine has its own set of Page Speed Developers. The standard time followed by these Page Speed Developers for website content above the fold on a mobile device is supposed to get loaded in under one second and for the entire page to get loaded in under two seconds. This again becomes a challenge in websites that are built solely for desktop devices. In such a case, even the customers have to be kept waiting for long.

9. A Single Site

Having a special stand-alone mobile website other than the desktop one was an issue before. Multiple websites ask for more maintenance. A mobile responsive website allows you to have just a single website, making the maintenance of it next to negligible. This leaves one with more time to focus on tasks that are core. Plus it also leads to lower expenses.


In a nutshell, having a mobile-responsive site is a necessity for every business. And not having one, is pushing one’s company into an unavoidable business risk. A mobile-friendly website is the future of the company. To ensure a smooth customer experience and not jeopardize the company’s future, one should own a mobile-friendly website.

Unsure about the “whats” and “hows” of smoother working of your website and reshaping it into a better version of itself?

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