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How to go from idea to product using Design Sprints

Building a product from a mere idea is a challenge in itself.

Such product-related challenges can be hard, but they aren’t impossible to deal with. And to face these challenge you have got a buddy named Dezy it. It will be there with you at every stage of Design Sprint.

Today we will discuss how to go from idea to product using design sprint.

What is Design Sprint?

Well, a design sprint is a systematic five-day process that is derived from design thinking. The process is aimed at solving crucial problems in an effective and time-efficient way.

It involves identifying and understanding problems that your startup/business will deal with, defining goals, validating assumptions, creating a roadmap, creating a prototype, etc.

Design Sprints involves five steps

At the end of the process, you will end up having a prototype of your idea all in front of your eyes. Let us now discuss each step in further details.


This is the first and the most important step of the whole Design Sprint process. This is when the whole team sits together to identify your goal, understand the problems, identify the pain points, empathise with user experience to increase the efficiency of your product and head in the appropriate direction.


Once you define your goals and identify the pain points, the next step to do is to define solutions to the target problem, i.e. ideation. Every team member gets the opportunity to brainstorm and ideate to come up with a solution and present it to the entire team.

The team member can use simple drawings or basic value proposition canvases to keep their ideas organised and appealing.


You cannot go ahead with all the solutions that were presented by your team in the previous step. You need to get on the most relevant solutions!

But how to do that?

You may decide which solution best suits your cause simply by taking votes.

You may discuss which solution eliminates the desired problem, is feasible, does it satisfy the need?

And then take the votes.

At the end of this step, you now have a clear solution to the problem you were trying to solve!


This is the time when you bring your idea to life. In this step, you will build a prototype for all your shortlisted ideas.

Now, what does building a prototype mean?

It simply means to create an early model of your idea. A model that can be sent out to test.


Although you think that you created a great prototype, but things, in reality, are different. You need to expose the prototype to real-life conditions, to test whether your early model works well or you need to make some changes.

Like self-driving cars aren’t directly brought on roads, they are first tested; you will also test your prototype.

At this stage, you test your prototype with real-life customers, get their feedback, and then decide whether to continue with the prototype or re-iterate.

This is how you bring your idea to life using the theory of Design Thinking and the process of Design Sprint.

If you have any questions feel free to ask us in the comments below.

If you are a startup and need a guide to undergo Design Sprint for your product, we have a perfect design sprint master for you. Dezy It is an application that will guide you at every step of Design Sprint.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Dezy It and get started to convert your idea into a product.


Design Sprints as a Service

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