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Design Thinking as a way to Solve a Problem

Design Thinking is how designers solve a problem. Design thinking is all about ideating the different ways a problem can be solved and narrowing it down to a single best solution. It's one of the most efficient ways your design team can tackle the issues you face.

The illustration shows how design thinking helps to solve a problem.


One of the most vital components for design thinking is the user's expectations and experience. As a designer, one of the best ways to use this technique is by keeping your client satisfied. Put yourself in the client's shoes and think the way your client would want your team to approach the problem. There will be a million different ideas on the table, but the one that matters is the one that will bring you or your client the most profits and is efficient enough to deliver everything that is needed. With design thinking, you start to think of your customers more. It results in more happy customers for you!

Focuses on the 'Why' aspect more than the 'how'!

Why did that solution work?

Why did that one not work?

Why did the last model not give expected results?

You focus on why you start finding a solution to the core problem. So, instead of superficially dealing with an issue, you get into a habit of rectifying it from the place it had begun in the first place. Design thinking not only helps you deal with the problem at hand, but it also sets an admirable problem-solving strategy that you can use every time and for any project. Hence, it is a method that thinks of your future as well!

‘WE’ >>> ‘I’

Design thinking is a way you create value in your teammates by making every member work under the same roof and brainstorm ideas for the best strategy. Design thinking not only creates a collaborative atmosphere at a workplace but also helps to strengthen the bond between the team members. A strong team always works the best together and provides the best outcomes. Also, when your team is in agreement, clients are more likely to trust the end product. Loyal customers keep coming back for more!

Some case studies:

Renowned companies like Nike, Starbucks, Oral B, etc use design thinking to improve their customer experience. There are so many case studies that indicate precisely why design thinking has worked out for them. With design thinking, we learn to observe and notice the small things that can make an exceptional chance for the growth and profitability of the company. Making these tiny changes is what makes a huge difference to increase our customer growth.

  • Starbucks

For example, when the food and beverage industry was in a slump, Starbucks interviewed hundreds of customers to know what they expected from the coffee shops. When Starbucks concluded that people look for a place to relax and enjoy their alone time, they changed their ambiance into a more informal meet-place.

  • Nike

Also, Nike decided to include skateboarders in its design process. It helped Nike gain a perspective and win the hearts of the skateboarding community with the look, feel and comfort of their product specifically designed for skateboarders.

These ideas differentiate design thinking from any other problem-solving method. Moreover, design thinking is not just another problem-solving technique but a tool to get you the very best outcome of all. It doesn't matter if you are a designer or not. You can include design thinking as a way to solve any problem. If you want an efficient, easy-peasy, profitable method to work out your issues, there's no better method than design thinking.


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